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If you would like to contribute to the work and mission of Wesley  United Methodist Church, it is now very easy to do that online by using the "Tithes" button.  There are two places where you can direct your contributions:  The General Fund and the Building Fund.

The General Fund is the main operating fund for Wesley UMC.  Michigan Conference Apportionments, Insurances, Utilities, Services, Roof Repair Loan, and Salaries all are paid out of the General Fund.  This fund represents the core operating budget of Wesley UMC.

The Building Fund is a separate fund dedicated to the maintenance and repair of the Wesley building at 500 McLeod.  Repairs (furnace, electrical, plumbing, building) are paid from this account.  The roof repair loan is not paid from this account.  If you would like to make a contribution specifically to the roof repair loan, please use the GoFundMe site on our home page (under "Building") or mail a contribution marked with Loan contribution.